What's Your Risk Number?

How We Use Riskalyze to Serve our Clients

Riskalyze is advanced technology that allows us to determine a client's acceptable level of risk and reward. Our 5 step process allows us to assess your Risk Number and ensure you are on track towards retirement.

Step 1: Assess your Risk Number

Take our 5 minute quiz to assess your financial goals, risk tolerance, and amount for consideration. The answers allow us to identify what level of potential reward and risk you are willing to take in reference to your portfolio.

Step 2: Review your Current Investments

Understanding your current investments will allow us to analyze your current portfolio based on your newly assessed risk number. Does it meet your risk number? Consider your goals? Is there retirement potential at the desired age?

Step 3: Align your Portfolio

After assessing your Risk Number and current portfolio, we will align your portfolio to meet your personal goals and priorities.

Step 4: The Stress Test

The stress test illustrates how your portfolio would do in comparison to market events over the past 8 years, including the Financial Crisis, Bull and Bear markets. This allows you to see the potential gains and losses based on various allocations.

Step 5: Meeting Your Retirement Goals

We use the Retirement Map to review your progress toward your retirement goals. The map allows you to see the probability of retiring at the age specified. The analysis identifies a potential year for retirement, if an increase to your monthly savings, or a decrease to your expenses during retirement may be needed to help you obtain your goals.

What's Your Risk Number?